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We offer a range of holistic therapies aimed at improving health and wellbeing



Our Practice is situated on the north side of St. Albans, in Hertfordshire.  Appointments take place in a comfortable, homely environment where your individuality will be valued and chosen therapies tailored to your needs. 


Therapies available at Vision:


Weight loss

Nutritional Therapy

Food allergies

                                           Help with sleep issues

Stress relief


Flower essence remedies


Our holistic approach to health issues is gentle and takes into account all aspects of your life, such as diet, stress, digestive problems, food allergies, and sleep issues.  It is this approach that makes our weight loss programs sucessful, because in order to lose weight, it is important to deal with all of the above.


We also use this approach to nutrition, optimising your nutrition to give your body all that it needs to keep you healthy.  This not only can have a profound effect on energy levels and wellbeing, but it also helps to protect you from illnesses such as digestive problems, diabetes, strokes and even some cancers.


We offer individual hypnosis recordings, tailored to your needs in order to be the most effective.  This allows you to keep the recording and use it at home, whenever you feel you need a little extra support.


Food allergies can be a cause of misery to the sufferer, so if they are suspected, we work with you to isolate the offending foods.  We suggest alternative foods and recipes, whilst monitoring your progress.  Eliminating problem foods from the diet can bring great relief of symptoms.


Lack of proper sleep can be extremely debilitating, from just tiredness, to an inability to function normally.  Being overweight can cause sleep apnea, which in turn can also cause weight gain.  If left untreated, a long list of health issues can result, some of which are serious.  Therefore, part of our approach is aimed at resolving any sleep issues.


We use various techniques such as EFT (The Emotional Freedom Technique), to help with stress.  It can be used as a standalone technique or as part of our weight loss programs. 


Flower essence remedies offer subtle support to anyone who is struggling emotioanlly; they can also be helpful when used with weight control programs.  We also offer them as standalone remedies.

























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